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Bug#811140: RFS: y-u-no-validate/2013052401-5 [ITA] -- browser extension to make security exceptions temporary by default

* Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name>, 2016-01-17, 17:56:
* Replace get-orig-source.sh script with xpi-repack invoked by uscan.
uscan doesn't call xpi-repack, unless you ask it for it explicitly, and you didn't. But uscan does seem to repack jar files to tar.gz automatically. Perhaps that's what you meant?
Are you sure? This output suggested to me that it is doing everything your script was doing (especially the last line):

| uscan: Unpacking ../y_u_no_validate-2013052401-sm+fx.xpi
| Unpacking ./chrome/y-u-no-validate.jar
| Unpacked xpi file.
| Successfully repacked ../y_u_no_validate-2013052401-sm+fx.xpi as ../y-u-no-validate_2013052401.orig.tar.gz.

Now that I looked closer at devscripts, I conclude we're both wrong. :-P

uscan (>= 2.15.10) calls mk-origtargz, which calls "xpi-unpack" (not "xpi-repack").

(The tarball uscan produces is quite different than the current .orig.tar, because the former lacks top-level directory. So if I were you, I'd postpone the get-orig-source removal until next upstream release. But then, it's not a big deal...)

Jakub Wilk

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