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Bug#811140: RFS: y-u-no-validate/2013052401-5 [ITA] -- browser extension to make security exceptions temporary by default

I see this package has been already uploaded. But will this stop me from sending the review? Nope. :-P

* Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name>, 2016-01-15, 18:05:
* Adopt y-u-no-validate in Debian (closes: #786805).


* Drop support for Iceape (fixes debcheck errors).

Wouldn't it be better to fix this in dh_xul-ext?

Also, the patch description fails to explain its purpose...

* Change homepage URI displayed in about:addons to point to upstream's page about y-u-no-validate.

Good catch. Please forward the patch upstream.

* Replace get-orig-source.sh script with xpi-repack invoked by uscan.

uscan doesn't call xpi-repack, unless you ask it for it explicitly, and you didn't. But uscan does seem to repack jar files to tar.gz automatically. Perhaps that's what you meant?

Jakub Wilk

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