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Re: Bug#801253: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager


>my first commit:

>why do you say the "main development" is done in master, and not in 
>stretch, as stretch is merged into stable after a while?

no, master is usually what is uploaded in unstable.
After some days in unstable, if nothing breaks, the package reaches "testing"
that now is called "stretch", and becomes candidate for the next Debian stable release.

Once Stretch is released, testing will be called in another way (Buster) and the packages
will become flowing from unstable in Buster
(and the testing at this particular day will be called "Stretch")

>==> we would then merge sth unstable/without any testing into the stable 
>branch, which doesn't make sense to me.
>Or did you just said that because i was trying to build from jessie?

you need to build from sid, and to test changes on sid.
you can't upload to jessie since it is already released (well, you might make some patches
as proposed-update, but no new releases, and not in the normal development, when first you need
to fix a bug in sid, let it go in testing, and then you can cherry-pick a fix for jessie/wheezy and so on)

after opening a bug against release.debian.org metapackage
>Sry. i didn't realize that the files generated by the git buildpackage 
>are just build artifacts. I thought of them as regular config files, so 
>i wondered why you hadn't added them.


Your commit is partly correct.

The new po file is added correctly, but the changes in debian/patches are useless/wrong.

debian/patches are used for patching the *source* tree, not the debian directory.
this way the orig tarball is always the same, and we apply/unapply patches during build.

since you changed something in debian directory, you can just commit and live happy.

BTW to see if you need to create a patch, try to change something in the source tree (don't commit please!)
"dpkg-source --commit"
will compare the source tree with the orig tarball, and extract patches in the debian directory automagically.
(quilt will also help you in managing them, and also add-patch tool).

BTW, now you need to provide a log, and to check the built binaries, to really be sure that file entered in
the build directory.

I'm not sure the po file needs some other changes to be correct.

other issues: you need also to create a new changelog entry
"fix blah/foo/bar: closes: #759884" or similar.

and specially, since you committed something handled by debconf (translation of debian specific strings),
you might also want to run debconf-updatepo to update the strings.
(look e.g. to virtualbox-ext-package source package, where I run debconf-updatepo in clean target, just to
avoid such situations :) )



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