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Re: Bug#801253: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager

Hi Toogley,

toogley wrote:
> my first commit:
> https://github.com/toogley/pkg-wicd/commit/4ade5ad71c1c50be9cd3748742042ff34a428fb1


It though shows that some things are not yet clear. Let me try to
explain them:

All files under debian/patches/ (except "series") are for patching
upstream code and are real patch files.

You've added a file (debian/po/tr.po) somewhere under the debian/
directory. So there's no need to change something under

You correctly understood the way the debian/patches/series file works.
It lists the patches in order they will be applied.

But debian/patches/37-tr-debconf-template-translation.patch is
unnecessary as there's no patch in there, just a change log kind of

Please remove debian/patches/37-tr-debconf-template-translation.patch
and its entry in debian/patches/series and just add an item to
debian/changelog instead.

For that changelog item, please prefix it with "[ Toogley ]" on a
separate line and use the phrase "Closes: #759884" (with colon and
hashmark) instead of "fixing" since that specific phrase will later
cause the according bug to be automatically closed once the package is

> ==> Can you give me feedback, please? :)


> why do you say the "main development" is done in master, and not in
> stretch, as stretch is merged into stable after a while?

Ok, let's explain the workflow a little bit:

Like the debian/changelog, the development is rather linear. Newest
version always go into the unstable distribution. From there they
migrate eventually to testing (with the same changelog) and what's in
testing will become stable about very roughly every two years.

The phrase "testing is merged into stable after a while" is slightly
misleading. The suite names "testing", "stable", "oldstable" and
"oldoldstable" are more like pointers to specific releases:

* "testing" currently pointers to "stretch",
* "stable" currently points to "jessie",
* "oldstable" currently points to "wheezy", and
* "oldoldstable" currently points to "squeeze".

When Stretch will be released, all these pointers will be shifted by

* A copy of "stretch" will be made and named "buster" (the next
  release after Stretch).
* "testing" will be changed to point to the newly created "buster",
* "stable" will be changed to point to "stretch",
* "oldstable" will be changed to point to "jessie",
* "oldoldstable" will be changed to point to "wheezy",

and "squeeze" will have been moved to the archive of no more supported
Debian releases and hence will have no more code name.

The suite name "unstable" is a special case: It always points to "sid"
which is always the head of everything, i.e. where the development
happens and new upstream versions and packaging changes are added.

So the "master" branch could also be named "sid" or "unstable", but
the it's very common to just use what's common in the Git community
for this kind of branch: "master"

Tags are usually made for each commit from which a package has been
built that was uploaded.

And if there is need for changes in a already released release, only
then it's time for a separate branch -- which will start in Git at the
tag for that version of the package that's in that release.

Let me try to visualize that as a graph:

--*--------*-------*-------*-----> master/sid/unstable/development
  `\       `\      `\      `\
  squeeze  wheezy  jessie  stretch
   ^        ^       ^       ^
   |        |       |       |
  o-o-st.  oldst.  stable  testing

Hope, it's clearer now.

> ==> we would then merge sth unstable/without any testing into the
> stable branch, which doesn't make sense to me.
> Or did you just said that because i was trying to build from jessie?

Maybe. No more sure what I referred to here. But hopefully also no
more relevant if I was able to explain where your thinko was. :-)

> Sry. i didn't realize that the files generated by the git
> buildpackage are just build artifacts. I thought of them as regular
> config files, so i wondered why you hadn't added them.

Yeah, figured that in the meanwhile. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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