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Bug#810853: RFS: moosefs/2.0.83-1 [ITP] -- fault tolerant, reliable, highly available, highly performing, scaling-out network distributed file system

On Jan 12, Piotr Robert Konopelko <piotr.konopelko@moosefs.com> wrote:

> > Can you clarify this point? moosefs.com explains that high availability 
> > features are available only in the proprietary version of the software.
> If you loose Master Server, user action is needed: he can run another
> Master Server e.g. basing on medatada collected on Metalogger (sometadata
> is *not* lost) or "repair" broken Master Server.
In other words, the system is not highly available.

> Such situation happens very rarely, mainly because of e.g. powercut
> in server room.
Or a server crashes, or a daemon has a bug, etc...


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