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Bug#810853: RFS: moosefs/2.0.83-1 [ITP] -- fault tolerant, reliable, highly available, highly performing, scaling-out network distributed file system

> Can you clarify this point? moosefs.com explains that high availability 
> features are available only in the proprietary version of the software.

Of course.

MooseFS components in free version are highly available but Master Server.
It means, that if for some reason you loose e.g. whole Chunkserver, your
system still works. If you loose HDD on chunkserver, system still works.

If you loose Master Server, user action is needed: he can run another
Master Server e.g. basing on medatada collected on Metalogger (sometadata
is *not* lost) or "repair" broken Master Server.

Such situation happens very rarely, mainly because of e.g. powercut
in server room.

Best regards,

Piotr Robert Konopelko

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