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Re: Re: Re: mentor wanted

Hi Paul and thanks for the reply.

Paul Wise wrote:
All these are topics for the debian-blends list.

Well, I did post to debian-blends and they told me to RTFM,
which I thought was pretty funny.

But, going back to my original post, I am just following
the Debian Developers' Reference manual which states:

    The mailing list <debian-mentors@lists.debian.org> has
    been set up for novice maintainers who seek help with
    initial packaging and other developer-related issues.
    Every new developer is invited to subscribe to that
    list (see Section 4.1, “Mailing lists” for details).

    Those who prefer one-on-one help (e.g., via private
    email) should also post to that list and an
    experienced developer will volunteer to help.

So, basically, I am looking for "an experienced developer"
who will "volunteer to help" "via private email" as I was
lead to expect would happen from the Debian documentation.

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