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Bug#809727: RFS: hwb/1:040412-7

[umh.. can you please teach your MUA to split the lines at a rasonable

On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 03:45:17PM -0500, Robert James Clay wrote:
> On Thursday, January 07, 2016 10:13:50 AM Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> > as a full source+binary upload, since I don't see the magic
> > line to get non-free packages auto-built, nor I ever heard of people
> > doing non-free upload as a true source-only and I didn't feel like
> > testing the infra 
>   I've figured that was more appropriate for non arch:all packages.  Or is it because it is arch:all, that it would be appropriate?  I'll investigate it.

*Real* source only uploads (only source, non source+all that were
possible since at least 1 year) to unstable and experimental are
possible only since DebConf 15 (where it was implemented).
Just non-free is a bit special, since autobuilding package it's not
enabled by default.
In general, doing source only uploads is usually preferred for several
reason: 1) build logs are published, and that nice 2) binaries are built
in a environment that is stable and uniform and usually more trusted
than a random DD's laptop.

To upload a non-free package, and get it built by the autobuilders you
need 'XS-Autobuild: yes' and according to DevRef § 5.10.5 also to mail
somebody (dunno for what).

> > > More information about hwb can be obtained from 
> > > http://anonscm.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/pkg-hwb.git
> > 
> > well, but it's not updated.
> > please push & tag now.
>   Hmm...  Thought I'd at least pushed all but the new tag...  In any case, that's done now.

umh, tbh I didn't really checked the tags, I just noted the branches
where not updated and skipped it.

> > (btw, I'd have preffered https, and with https-everywhere that url just
> > go in some bad place.  sigh)
>    I've not seen that brought up before.  I have a tendency to default to the git URL, though it is true that there may be places where the firewalls are locked  down such as to block the git port...

well "default git url" is not really a thing.
ATM I see everybody (me included) prefer to use stuff like
your link get redirected by the https-everywhere extension to
which contains just nothing, and I've to manually edit the url to get
If I disable https-everywhere it gets redirected correctly, btw.

>    Up to you, of course.  So, should I contact you when I next need a sponsor for this one?

As you prefer.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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