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Bug#809573: RFS: isomaster/1.3.13-1

On 02/01/16 12:55, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> 1)
> bad typo is bad.

How did I miss that.... fixed.

> 2)
> some lintian stuff needs fixing

All sorted, apart from...

> -prebuilt doxygen documentation?

This is how it comes from upstream, they don't include the doxygen
config file in the source.

> 3) rules file looks outdated, can you please use the new dh calls?

Done, thanks.

> also ICONPATH and MYMANPATH seems useless, since the Makefile defaults to them.

These used to be required, now removed.

> 4) some little warnings you might want to fix too

I'll pass that to upstream.

> 5) somewhat important:
> the build is not verbose, please if possible make it so.


> and consider applying a patch similar to the attached one, to not override flags anymore

Done, will forward to upstream.

Updated package:

Many thanks,

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