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Bug#809731: RFS: mpd-sima/0.14.1-1 (New upstream version)


 Il Domenica 3 Gennaio 2016 16:45, Geoff <efrim@azylum.org> ha scritto:



>Actually I don't have preferences nor opinion over a solution or the
>other. I would align the package with the policy if needed.
>The piuparts problems was triggered by a small issue in the code
>(directory creation when it was not needed), it has been fixed upstream
>since then. I'm quite confident with reverting that change without
>triggering the piuparts warning again.

I think it is fine this way :)

BTW I would be happy to grant you dm permissions for this package as soon as you become
a DM
(hint hint, would you like to apply for DM membership? :) )

I'm really happy with the package now, and you seem to maintain it carefully and with nice
packaging skills (specially regarding open bugs and fixes).



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