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Cleaning up obsolete conffiles

I have many obsolete conffiles on my system.  It has been upgraded
through many releases.

  dpkg-query -W -f='${Conffiles}\n' | grep obsolete

Picking a simple one as an example:

 /etc/skel/.bash_profile d1a8c44e7dd1bed2f3e75d1343b6e4e1 obsolete

If I purge the package and install it fresh then that file will not be
there and it will not be listed as an obsolete conffile.  But of
course many packages are difficult to purge.

How can I as a system administrator clean that obsolete conffile up?
I can certainly rm -f the file.  But afterward it is still listed in
dpkg as an obsolete conffile even though the file was removed.

Is there a method to clean these up, remove them from the disk, and
tell dpkg that they are no longer there?  I have searched but I have
not found a way to do this.


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