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Re: Why is it so hard to get sponsors.....?

Hi all,

my 2 cts.

On 02/27/2013 12:07 AM, Philip Ashmore wrote:
> First - a weighted sponsorship priority queue - all packages get a
> rating and higher-rated packages will get sponsored sooner than others.

I agree with that. On my opinion the package "weight" should be
calculated, considering the following parameters:

a) Number of closed bugs with the uploads.
b) ITA-ITP, ITA should get more points, than ITP.
c) Number of packages, maintained by applicant, his "experience".
d) Number of days the package hangs in the queue.

Not sure about coefficients between these parameters.

> Everyone who wants a sponsor for a package will see their package, its
> position in the queue, and its weighting. "Your call is important to us
> - you are 15th in the queue" is better than "please hold".


> Second - a weighting web interface - even if a sponsor can't/wont
> sponsor a package they can rate it positively or negatively. This would
> take seconds with the right web interface, comments optional.

I think, it is useless. There should be only the opportunity to leave a
comment and mark a package as "please, fix it".



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