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Bug#698547: Comments on package

Hi Willem,

thanks for adopting these the package. But there are some
questions/notes regarding it:

1) Remove quilt and hardening-includes from BD, they are useless there.
2) Vcs-Browser: ";a=summary" is not needed.
3) Convert copyright file into DEP-5 format.
4) debian/docs is not used? If so - remove it.
5) debian/rules:
  a) lines 10..20 can be removed due to dh 9.
  b) rules can be shortened in several times, if you replace old targets
with dh_override*. See "man dh". Most of stuff can just be dropped.
  c) lines 24..30. Are they really necessary? If not - remove them,
  d) $(CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS). Where are they defined?
  e) lines 91..97 can be replaced by jabberd2.install file.
  f) Why lintian-overrides in line 99 installs explicitly.
6) the target distribution for such uploads should be set "experimental"
due to a freeze-period.
7) debian/changelog should be shortened. Lines 9 and 35 can be together,
line 37 useless, lines 13 and 21 can be dropped. Please, check other

It seems, your second package jabber-muc has the same issues. Please,
review and fix especially debian/rules.

Anyway, you have done a great job. If you fix those issues, I think,
your package can be uploaded into experimental. It is highly desirable,
if it will be done by Debian XMPP Maintainers.


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