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Re: end of the WORLD

On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 09:57:07PM +0100, Bartosz Feński wrote:
> Since all we know that tomorrow is the end of the world

Based on the time zone of Jucatan, we have at most 7.5 hours to live.
Been nice knowing you guys. :p

> I joined almost 9 years ago and I remember how painful it was to find
> anyone that could sponsor your package and since I'm still member of
> debian-mentors I can see that it's still painful nowadays.
> So let's do something crazy. As long as your package meets DFSG, it is
> lintian clean and you declare that you will try maintain it yourself
> then I'm willing to upload it for you after reviewing it.

Hah.  Got something for you: check the dates on ITP #213361 (still open).
The first RFS was sent before yours, four unresponded ones followed; still
not in Debian.  Neither am I.

While I'm not using it for the original purpose, it's pretty useful for
running long builds/etc, especially when interactivity is needed.  A mixture
of two-way less -R/expect/colourful sed.  Even at the moment I have three
instances on different machines running.

Should I follow with your offer?  If so, lemme fix a bug and s/.*/dh/s

How to squander your resources: those silly Swedes have a sauce named
"hovmästarsås", the best thing ever to put on cheese, yet they waste it
solely on mere salmon.

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