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Bug#677935: Bug#505924: cwm

	Thanks. Unfortunately I have got two RC bugs that need fixing urgently.
It may be a week or more before I can get round to looking at it. But as
said before I don't think there are any major issues preventing upload.

On 27/10/12 15:47, James McDonald wrote:
> Hi Nicholas,
> Finally found some time to implement these changes!
> On 21 Sep 2012, at 01:56, Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk> wrote:
>> 	I followed your advice and it works. I can see the attraction of using
>> cwm this way. However it might just be a step too far for me as copy and
>> paste seems not to work.
> That might depend on which software you're using. For example, xterm will only support select-to-copy, middleclick-to-paste whereas eg gnome-terminal supports copy and paste in the Gnome/KDE fashion as well. The window manager itself doesn't restrict this but I know I've had similar frustrations mixing apps from different toolkits.
>> then indeed I do get cwm. However the key bindings (as documented in the
>> man page) do not work. However I also notice that even under
>> LXDE/openbox the xterm key bindings do not work. So I suspect it might
>> be an LXDE issue. I'll try and follow up with the LXDE people.
> That's interesting. I haven't had a chance to experiment with LXDE but that does sound like something else in its session is trapping key bindings.
>> Actually I can fairly easily sponsor you to get access to collab-maint
>> and I've done so for people before. On the other hand github is fine and
>> I use it for some of my packages. If you really want to own the
>> packaging then go for github or equivalent. If you're happy to let DD's
>> step in and fix problems directly in the repository then go for
>> collab-maint.
> Getting access to collab-maint would be great. I have actually pushed my changes to github at https://github.com/jamesmcdonald/cwm/tree/v5.1-debian but I've still not set it up to use git-buildpackage. It's really just so I can track my own changes at this point. I intend to set cwm up for git-based builds in the future, even if just so I can learn how to do that.
>> On 20/09/12 15:29, James McDonald wrote:
>>> Recommendation might make sense, but not dependency as it's possible to run a window manager on one host for an X server on a remote host. I will look at what some other simple window managers do.
>> Could be Suggests as well.
> I've investigated several other window managers and it looks like they don't make any recommendation/suggestion about having X itself installed. They only recommend associated projects, like metacity recommends gnome-session. On that basis, I should probably omit this.
>> I was really hoping that this would be a drop in replacement for
>> openbox. I am not clear if this is doable. I am sure that the
>> README.Debian should document this (and similar) experiments.
> In theory it should be possible to use it like that. Unfortunately it depends on the restrictions imposed by the environment (LXDE, Gnome etc). I shall set up a machine to experiment with this, but I guess it will be a while before I have any coherent documentation. I agree that it would be nice to be able to provide some tips for this sort of usage. Do you feel this is necessary before the package is uploaded?
>> Anyway the package seems to do what it says on the tin. So I think there
>> is a good chance I should be able to upload your next build.
> I've uploaded the latest version to mentors; here's a log from git of the changes I've made:
> Fixed double spaces in package description.
> Changed debhelper dependency from >=9.0.0 to >=9
> Removed references to 9wm from the package description.
> Added Provides: x-window-manager
> Added scripts to handle x-window-manager alternative
> Please let me know what you think.
> Cheers,
> James

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