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Ideas on contributing during the freeze


I remember being rather frustrated during past freezes (before I was a
DD) at the lack of interesting things to do (since the fun stuff like
ITPs tend to go nowhere at these times).  I assume there are a lot of
others in a similar situation now, so I just want to give a couple

The best way to get back to the more interesting stuff is to get the
release done, so learning the more boring task of fixing RC bugs is
the best way to get back to the fun.  UDD is a great resource for

This page lists all of the RC bugs affecting testing and unstable that
are tagged patch:

That means that all someone needs to do is research the bug, apply
that patch, build a new NMU, test it, and get the new package uploaded
to the archive.  Importantly, anyone at all can do the first 4 steps.
You just need to find a DD sponsor for the final step, and that's a
whole lot easier now with sponsorship-requests.

If you're also willing to do more problem solving, there is also this
page, which lists RC bugs that need someone research the issue and
come up with a solution:

That is of course more difficult work, but it importantly provides
more evidence of your capabilities in a DM or DD application.

So, let's get out there an squash some RC bugs so we can get back to
the fun stuff!

Best wishes,

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