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Re: (Non-)Usefulness of the current for-wheezy and fit-for-wheezy usertags

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 3:46 AM, Michael Gilbert wrote:

> I am certainly well aware of the freeze policy.  My remains: why do we
> have two categorization systems?  What does the intended for wheezy
> stuff actually get us that is more important than the original rc,
> itp, etc. categorization?  When I'm looking at something to
> potentially sponsor, those are the parameters I'm interested in, not
> whether the existing thing is meant for wheezy or ready for wheezy.
> If it doesn't meet those criteria, a discussion in the bug log can
> resolve that.

Perhaps I should have been more explicit, but my point was that maybe
there is a subset of sponsors who are interested in helping the
release in general (and are thus interested in the for-wheezy tag)
rather than only interested in fixing RC bugs.

I don't see the use of the fit-for-wheezy tag though.



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