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Bug#663916: New phonetisaurus package available

Il 22/10/2012 17:48, Jakub Wilk ha scritto:
> * Giulio Paci <giuliopaci@gmail.com>, 2012-10-21, 15:04:
>> Is it mandatory to identify "possibly useless" flags and to hide them?
> I understand that removing/hiding unneeded option might be infeasible, but I would expect that these no-ops are documented as such in the manual page (or alternative: that
> they are not documented in the manpage at at all).

Removed those flags from the manpages.

> 1) Upstream "make clean" is not idempotent: it fails it there's nothing to clean. Replacing "rm" with "rm -f" should fix this issue.

Fixed by using $(RM).

> There's a warning about debian/copyright_hints not being up-to-date.


> There's also a few dozens of compiler warnings. Is upstream aware of them?

I just sent an email about them, along with a patch removing most of them. I left untouched those warnings that I was not sure how to solve properly. I am waiting upstream
to solve them.


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