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Bug#673087: RFS: the-powder-toy/78.1-1 [ITP] -- Physics sandbox game


On 12-10-12 10:00, Andreas Tille wrote:
> not that I would specifically interested in this very package (just
> stumbled upon it because of the "physics" keyword) I think you could
> enhance your chances to find a sponsor if you would more closely join
> the pkg-games team (by for instance following the group packaging policy
> and commit the packaging to VCS).

I looked through the package, and it looks fine. However, I have a
problem with upstream's policy to make the program phone home.

You correctly removed the "install" option. However, on every run of the
program it still checks if there is a newer version available. On
Debian, no program needs to do this: the packager sees the new version
and should package it, the user will find it the next time apt is
updating the system.

If this feature would be required by the license, it would not be free
software. It isn't, so the license is fine. It is still a very good idea
to remove all network actions, except those that are good for the user.
I haven't seen what the user gains from this network access, but there
might be features that improve the user's experience by using the
network (like sharing simulations with each other, or something like
that). "You can only save if you register first" most certainly is not
one of them, and this limitation should be removed.

>> Please review this package version instead of the one mentioned earlier.
>> This one should be lintian and pbuilder clean

On my system (running unstable), I did get some lintian warnings:

W: the-powder-toy-dbg: wrong-section-according-to-package-name
the-powder-toy-dbg => debug
W: the-powder-toy-dbg: debug-package-should-be-priority-extra
W: the-powder-toy: hardening-no-relro usr/lib/games/the-powder-toy/powder
W: the-powder-toy: hardening-no-fortify-functions


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