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Bug#689941: RFS: fvwm/1:2.6.5.ds-1 [ITA]

On Sun, Oct 07, 2012 at 10:52:43PM -0700, Vincent W. Chen wrote:
> Some questions:
> - According to Clause 5. (a) of
> http://release.debian.org/wheezy/rc_policy.txt, I might be able to
> request for an unblock from the release team.

I don't read anything about unblocks in rc_policy.txt.  If you feel that fvwm
in testing is "so buggy or out of date that we refuse to support" it, then you
should request the removal of fvwm from testing.

For unblocks, the "freeze policy" matters.  Here I read that "new upstream
versions" are seen as "significant changes" :

> But since I'm relatively
> new to Debian packaging, should I file a request for unblock from
> release team first or should I find a sponsor first?

The freeze policy mentions when to contact the release team.

> I currently
> marked the package as experimental and non-RC.

No need to request an unblock for a package uploaded to experimental.

> - From the discussion
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2012/10/msg00062.html, I was told
> to keep my changes small. I prepared the package before the
> discussion, though I'm willing to rip the above listed changes out
> (debhelper, quilt, etc.) if need be. I merely want to ask for some
> second opinions before I make the change.

The freeze policy suggests to keep the changes limited to those matching the
freeze policy, for unstable and testing, not for experimental.

> Changes since the last upload:

You could, if you want that, fix the open important bugs for wheezy via
unstable.  But you are free to continue with the upload for experimental.


Bart Martens

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