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Bug#689715: Review of eyefiserver-2.3~rc1-1

Hello and thank you very much for your review!

On Sunday 07 October 2012 09:09:28 Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>   * I'd prefer the package to target experimental as of now; upload to
> unstable will follow the release of wheezy

It makes sense. Done.

>   * I don't see the point of including session dumps - especially 4MB of them !

Absolutely. Done.

I did not change the orig tarball however. Right?

>   * in debian/control, it should read "wifi chip" instead of "wifi ship"

Fixed. Thanks.

>   I'd be glad to upload once these problems are fixed. Don't increase
> the debian version number, but please mark the changes in
> debian/changelog.

This is weird. I tried many things before, but did not show them in the
changelog, since this is before first version. See:
Would that be better to keep that stuff too?

I uploaded a new version to mentors, with just that last change in the changelog.


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