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Re: openshot at mentors

Am 06.10.2012 14:04, schrieb Bart Martens:
> Hi Jonathan,
> I had a look at openshot at mentors uploaded there on 2012-10-01 08:20.
> I see that it has a newer upstream release, so it's not for wheezy.  Then I had
> a look at the open bugs.  Bug 685999 seems "serious" to me, and bugs  and
> 676583 seem something between "serious" and "grave" to me.  What are your plans
> for these bugs for wheezy ?

I am not the maintainer, but with my mlt-hat on..:

#676582 and #676583:
Should be merged and closed, he isn't using the mlt version from the
Debian repository and that leads to this fault

Looks important for me, but should be fixed within wheezy.

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 Patrick Matthäi
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