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Re: Out of Date Package and Maintainer Absence

Hi Vincent,

I'm intentionally answering to debian-mentors instead of debian-devel.

On Wed, Oct 03, 2012 at 10:27:22PM -0700, Vincent W. Chen wrote:
> My questions involve bug #684395 and the FVWM package. Though the bug
> is only severity: wishlist, I do hope to see newer version make it to
> Wheezy,

Feel free to ask debian-release to grant an unblock for the newer upstream
release as an exception to the freeze policy.

> seeing as how the last NMU was on 2012 May 5 and the last
> update by maintainer Manoj was on 2010 Jun 8. As indicated in the bug
> report, the current version in Debian is outdated and no longer
> maintained by upstream. I have contacted Manoj and his reply was
> included in the bug report, but no update has been received from him
> since, which was over a month ago.
> I am willing to co-maintain the package with Manoj, or even maintain
> it by myself if he's no longer interested in dealing with it. But
> since there has been no reply

Manoj Srivastava wrote on the bug report "I would love to have a co-maintainer.
I would even give up maintainership, if you prefer that.".

> from him I now turn to the list: any
> suggestion on what I should do now, or what I should have done?

You can choose between the two options Manoj Srivastava gave you.  Your package
at mentors has "needs sponsor = no", so you could switch that to "yes" if you
are looking for a sponsor.

> As I stated before, I am not trying to hijack his package. As a user
> of FVWM I just want to see it updated and some bugs closed. I'm just
> willing to pick up where he left off and learn the ropes if Manoj
> don't want to take care of the package anymore.

It is good that you want to pick up maintenance of this package.


Bart Martens

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