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Install a patched BLT version?

Dear mentors and specialists,

I am currently working on a Tcl/Tk package (saods9;
<http://bugs.debian.org/655648>) which builds on top of a
patched/unofficial "3.0" release of BLT. Using the 2.4z version
distributed with Debian produces mysterious segmentation faults; also
some features are missing there. The upstream author is unwilling to use
the officially provided version (which anyway doesn't work well with
tcl 8.5). So I am planning to use the version that comes with saods9.

The original package links BLT statically with the executable. This has
some disadvantages: so it is then impossible to have the widget set
"saotk" that is the base of the application as a separate tcl/tk
package. Therefore I think about building a separate "sao-blt3"
package that contains the patched BLT and install it into some sao
specific subdirectory, and another "tk-saotk" package that depends on
"sao-blt3" and installs the saotk widget set in the standard place (and
a "tk-saotk-doc with the widget documentation).

Is this a good solution or do I create some major confusion with the
Debian "blt" package here? Shall I just keep on the simple "statically
linked" version?

Best regards


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