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Bug#659822: RFS: mpd-sima/0.9.0-1 (New upstream version)

Benoît Knecht wrote:
> Geoffroy Youri Berret wrote:
> > I am looking for a sponsor for my package "mpd-sima".
> > 
> >  * Package name    : mpd-sima
> >    Version         : 0.9.0-1~1.gbp3e591f
> >    Upstream Author : Jack Kaliko
> >  * URL             : http://codingteam.net/project/sima
> >  * License         : GPLv3
> >    Section         : sound
> > 
> > It builds this binary package:
> > 
> > mpd-sima   - Automagically add titles to MPD playlist
> I had a look at your package, here are my comments:
> [...]

Just a couple more things:

  - In debian/mpd-sima.init, you don't handle the "status" command, even
    though the Usage string indicates it's a valid command.

  - I'm not sure I understand what debian/clean is for. Are those files
    really generated by the build process? If so, that's surely a
    mistake, they're not even installed in the final package.

  - In debian/rules, you override dh_auto_clean but do not clean the
    build files yourself.

    You also install debian/wrappers/*, which appear to be copies of
    what the upstream Makefile would build; this seems like a rather
    fragile approach. Overall, I don't see why you can't rely on the
    upstream Makefile, and I think you should; it'll be much more
    maintainable that way.


Benoît Knecht

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