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Bug#659822: RFS: mpd-sima/0.9.0-1 (New upstream version)

Hi Geoffroy,

Geoffroy Youri Berret wrote:
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "mpd-sima".
>  * Package name    : mpd-sima
>    Version         : 0.9.0-1~1.gbp3e591f
>    Upstream Author : Jack Kaliko
>  * URL             : http://codingteam.net/project/sima
>  * License         : GPLv3
>    Section         : sound
> It builds this binary package:
> mpd-sima   - Automagically add titles to MPD playlist

I had a look at your package, here are my comments:

  - In debian/copyright, since you have a standalone License paragraph
    for the GPL-3, you probably want to remove the full text from the
    License field of the first Files paragraph.

    Also, the license text says "version 3 or any later version"; if
    that's the case, you should use GPL-3+; if not, make sure to remove
    the "or any later version" part.

    And there's a typo in the Source field ("donwload").

  - I think the long description could be reworded a little bit; you
    mention Python twice and "to feed MPD playlist with artist similar
    to your currently playing track" sounds a bit wrong (should be "your
    MPD playlist" and "artists" or "tracks from artists", or something
    like that.

  - In debian/control, Recommends is empty; you should remove it.

  - In debian/mpd-sima.postrm, you use awk but you don't Depend on it.

    You're also checking if /usr/sbin/deluser is executable and
    silently not removing the user if it's not (same thing for
    delgroup). Since you Depend on adduser, you should assume these
    commands exist, and it should be an error visible to the user if
    they don't.

  - In debian/mpd-sima.postinst, since mpd-sima is not meant to be run
    as root, it might be a good idea to run it after creating the user
    and group, as the the mpd-sima user.

    On second thought, why even do this during installation? The init
    script seems like a better place to do this.

  - Regarding debian/wrappers, why not intall the python modules
    some place where python can find them by default?

    And I think first line should read "#!/bin/sh", as outlined in
    debian policy 10.4.

  - Finally, a word on the man pages. I'll focus on mpd-sima.cfg.1, but
    some of it applies to the other man pages too.

    First of all, man pages for configuration files should be in section

    The NAME section should contain a _very_short_ description; use the
    DESCRIPTION section for full sentences.

    There should be a SYNOPSIS section, containing the full path of the
    configuration file.

    should probably be a subsection of DESCRIPTION.

    For the FILES section, see man-pages(7).

    EXAMPLES should be called EXAMPLE. It should go after BUGS and
    before SEE ALSO (again, see man-pages(7) for the correct order of

    FEEDBACK should be merged with BUGS, I think.

    If possible, the AUTHOR and COPYRIGHT sections should be removed
    (they can be comments in the source of the man page). See
    man-pages(7) for the rationale behind this.


Benoît Knecht

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