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Re: DEP-5 versioned URI / Lintian complains

Russ Allbery <rra <at> debian.org> writes:

> Daniel Stender <daniel <at> danielstender.com> writes:
> > For the very next of my commits,
> > 1) what URI should I give to the very next commits, and should I just
> > just disregard the Lintian complain
> For right now, I would ignore the complaint and use an unversioned URL,
> since so far as I can tell there is no versioned URL currently available
> that takes you straight to the current text of the document.  However, I
> may have missed something.

Actually, there is <http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/dep/web/deps/dep5/copyright-
format.xml?revision=269&view=markup>. Not exactly the most readable, but it does 

Unfortunately, Lintian doesn't know that yet, and won't accept it.

(I've probably messed up the To: and CC: fields due to sending through gmane; 
sorry for that, but I wasn't on the list yet when this was posted.)

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