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Re: RFS: python-x2go

* Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de>, 2012-01-28, 04:11:
Hi Jakub,

Can you take a look again?

Lintian now emits:

P: python-x2go source: unneeded-build-dep-on-quilt
I: python-x2go source: quilt-patch-missing-description 001_fix-undefined-objects.patch
I: python-x2go source: quilt-patch-missing-description 002_setuppy-no-setuptools.patch
P: python-x2go-doc: no-upstream-changelog
I: python-x2go-doc: possible-documentation-but-no-doc-base-registration

In override_dh_auto_clean, you call "dh override_dh_auto_clean". This doesn't make sense. (I'm surprised that it doesn't make your clean target fail...)

I (and most other sponsor here) normally require one changelog entry per upload to the archive.

I would throw out most of the current changelog contents. Initial entry usually consinst only of a single line like "Initial release (closes: #314159)". Changes to the upstream source (i.e. patches) or non-obvious packaging decisions are worth documenting too, but that's it.

For example, you wrote "* Add watch file". Very well, you did add it. But you also had added debian/control, debian/copyright and debian/changelog at some point. Would you write about them, too? ;)

I'd exclude x2go.tests module from the binary package.
-> TODO, not sure how to do that...

Use rm. :)

setup.py have install_requires = ['setuptools', ...], but the package doesn't depend on python-setuptools. So either setup.py or the Depends is wrong (probably the former).

-> DONE (by patch 002_...

Have you forwarded it upstream?

$ pyflakes . | grep ': undefined name'
[snip - lots of pyflakes warnings]
I believe that the above are mostly (or all) true positives.

-> DONE (by patch 001_...)

Have you forwarded it upstream?

Jakub Wilk

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