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Re: Flash in debian


* Mike Dupont <jamesmikedupont@googlemail.com> [120128 19:14]:
> Well in general I would opposed including any sources that cannot be
> built using free and approved tools, that is basically saying there is
> no source, or no means to get from source to binary.
> lets imagine that you have rebol, a language that has no specification
> and no source code, you can release a rebol package and say :" it is
> free software" , but you should not be able to  make a free debian
> package with that in my humble opinion because it would no be
> buildable.

That's also the stance of the ftp team:  swf-files, even their source is
available and licendes under a DFSG-free license, are consider not
suitable for main.  We regularily reject packages because of that.
Usually the source is repacked and the swf files are removed.

> also, we are on the mentors list, are we really going to mentor
> non-free software and use up our time resources for helping people
> package non free software?

"We acknowledge that some of our users require the use of works that do
not conform to the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  [..] Thus, although
non-free works are not a part of Debian, we support their use and
provide infrastructure for non-free packages (such as our bug tracking
system and mailing lists)." Debian Social contract, Number 5.

However, if you don't like non-free / contrib software, you are free to
ignore the discussions about them.

Best Regards,

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