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Re: automatic dependency generation for << ${source:Next-Upstream-Version}


On 01/28/2012 08:03 PM, Alessio Treglia wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 7:33 PM, Joachim Reichel <joachim.reichel@gmx.de> wrote:
>> to one of my binary packages I want to add a dependency like
>> Depends: foo (>= ${source:Upstream-Version}), foo (<<
>> ${source:Next-Upstream-Version})
> I usually rely on:
>  package (<< ${source:Upstream-Version}+1~),
>  package (>= ${source:Version}),

after sending the mail I was thinking about

package (<< ${source:Upstream-Version}.1)

But + is better than . because it sorts before . (actually + is the
lexicographically smallest character allowed in upstream versions, see
policy 5.6.12).

I wonder about the "1~" though. Isn't

package (<< ${source:Upstream-Version}+)

sufficient (and tighter)? (though it looks a bit weird)

(It's not sufficient if upstream adds a "~", but that's probably
unlikely, and I don't see a way to handle that case.)


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