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Re: RFS: acsccid (New Upstream Release)

Dear Paul

Why do you duplicate src/92_pcscd_acsccid.rules as
debian/libacsccid1.udev? I would suggest deleting
debian/libacsccid1.udev and just using the upstream file.

Done. I created a symbolic link to upstream file.

Why? Isn't the existing file installed by the upstream build system?
If not, please send them a patch

Yes, the upstream does not install the udev file and the udev file is needed to be copied manually. I referred to libccid and found that the package made use of dh_installudev to install udev file. I think this helper script know how to get the udev path.

Sounds like the very definition of an embedded code copy. It would be
nice if upstream did not do this.

I think the upstream will use it if openct exports this useful internal function from the library and the upstream author did not want to reinvent the wheel.

Should ccid be removed from Debian? acsccid seems like a fork of it.
If it shouldn't be removed, please also get this documented by the
security team, they track forks too.


Can you explain your response here?

acsccid is a fork of ccid but it only supports smart card readers from ACS. I don't think we should remove ccid.

How can I get this documented by the security team?

See the wiki page I pointed at.

Which wiki page? I saw this one for http://wiki.debian.org/EmbeddedCodeCopies. Is it another one?


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