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Re: What is autobuilder? Please help me understand this bug.

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 12:20:12AM -0600, Paul Elliott wrote:
> > Source: libswe
> > 
> > Automated builds of libswe are failing because unoconv (used to
> > produce PDF and HTML documentation) assumes a writable home directory,

Seems like a matter of setting HOME=`pwd`

> > Given that the documentation winds up in a separate
> > architecture-independent binary package anyway, I'd suggest arranging to
> > build it only in full builds, which presumably run in less restrictive
> > environments.

This won't fix the bug, merely let official buildds proceed.  Every single
package is supposed to be autobuildable, not merely arch-dependent ones.

> For instance, libswe just appeared in debian unstable, that means someone
> must have built it.

Your sponsor did, by hand, on i386.

> How does the build environment of the autobuilder's differ from the one
> that built libswe on its path to unstable?

It hasn't been built in a controlled environment anywhere yet.  You can
approximate one using pbuilder.

> Why is the autobuilder's environment correct?  In other words, why is this
> not a bug against the autobuilder's software?

You shouldn't assume any directory outside of your build path and /tmp/ is
writeable.  Here, the bug appears to be in unoconv (if the report is
correct, which I did not check), yet it can be trivially worked around by
setting $HOME.

> What is a "full" build and can I be sure that a full build will never
> occur in the autobuilder?

Every package must be fully buildable from source -- as in, every binary
package must be reproduceable depending on nothing you did not explicitely
declare in Build-Depends (-Indep, -Arch) and build-essential.
> If I make a fix to this problem, how can I test that it will work in the 
> autobuilder's evnironment?

pbuilder is not 100% identical but should be good enough.  And a FTBFS in
pbuilder is bad enough.

Hope this helps.
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