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RFS: dizzle (NMU, fixes 3 RC bugs)

Dear mentors,

I kindly ask you sponsoring a NMU on this package. It fixes 3 RC-bugs
(#647709, #647743, #653627) and was crafted on a minimal-invasiv-basis.

 * Package name    : drizzle
   Version         : 2011.03.13-1.1
   Upstream Author : Drizzle Developers team
 * URL             : http://www.drizzle.org/
 * License	   : GPL
   Section         : misc

It builds those binary packages:

 drizzle    - Server binaries for Drizzle Database
 drizzle-client - Client binaries for Drizzle Database
 drizzle-dbg - Debugging symbols for Drizzle
 drizzle-dev - Development files for Drizzle development
 drizzle-doc - API Documentation for Drizzle internals
 drizzle-plugin-auth-file - File-based authentication for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-auth-http - HTTP authentication for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-auth-ldap - LDAP authentication for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-auth-pam - PAM authentication for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-dev - Development files for Drizzle plugin development
 drizzle-plugin-filtered-replicator - Filtered Replicator for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-gearman-udf - Gearman User Defined Functions for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-haildb - HailDB Storage Engine for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-logging-gearman - Gearman Logging for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-logging-query - Query Logging for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-mysql-protocol - MySQL Protocol for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-mysql-unix-socket-protocol - MySQL Unix Domain Socket
Protocol for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-pbms - PrimeBase Blob Streaming for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-performance-dictionary - Performance Dictionary for
 drizzle-plugin-rabbitmq - RabbitMQ Transaction Log for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-simple-user-policy - Simple User Policy for Drizzle
 drizzle-plugin-slave - Replication Slave Plugin for Drizzle
 libdrizzle-dbg - library for the Drizzle and MySQL protocols, debug
 libdrizzle-dev - library for the Drizzle and MySQL protocols,
development files
 libdrizzle1 - library for the Drizzle and MySQL protocols
 libdrizzledmessage-dev - Devel library containing serialized messages
used with Drizzle
 libdrizzledmessage0 - Library containing serialized messages used with

To access further information about this package, please visit the


Alternatively, one can download the package with dget using this
  dget -x

To be as minimal-invasive as possible, this NMU does only address the RC
bugs, and not other things (like there are e.g some whitespaces in
debian/control etc, ...) Therefore it is still not linitian-clean.

In #653627 I announced my intention to NMU and asked the maintainer to
object, also CC'ed him again with this RFS, so I would propose to upload
it to the delayed queue. 

For #647709, please review debian/control, if the rules to exlude the
build-dependency on libaio-dev for the ports kfreebsd-* in
debian/control looks sane to you. I used those the very first time and I
also do not have a kfreebsd installed, so I'd be happier if someone
could put an extra pair of eyes on it. However, I used pdebuilder to
ensure that drizzle also compiles without this build-dependency.

The NMU fixes this 3 RC bugs:
 #647709 [src:drizzle] drizzle: unbuildable on kfreebsd-amd64 (but
previously built there)

#647743  [src:drizzle] drizzle: FTBFS on several architectures
("Graphite loop optimizations can only be used if the libcloog-ppl0
package is

#653627  [src:drizzle] build failure with Boost 1.48: constructor

Best regards,

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