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Re: winff fails on armel, where to seek help

* Paul Gevers <paul@climbing.nl>, 2012-01-14, 10:00:
My package winff, which uses the FreePascal compiler, fails to build on armel buildserver ancina [1]. As far as I can deduce from the build log [2], there is a problem with the paths created for the compiler, which I believe is sensibly out of control for me.

Do you know what controls them?

The paths are versioned and although the lazarus package used by the build server is the paths are to 0.9.30, which is obviously wrong. I believe this problem is restricted to this build server as winff built properly on alain on December 4, which used the same version of lazarus.

Yes, this looks odd. I diffed the two build logs, and I saw no interesting differences, apart from the path change.

Also, I couldn't reproduce this failure in my QEMUed armel chroot.

I am unsure where to seek for help.

Lazarus maintainers? They could have an idea how to debug the problem.

Jakub Wilk

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