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Re: [RFR] - PHP_Timer (Needed by phpunit)

On 01/14/2012 07:29 AM, Luis Uribe wrote:
> Hi Thomas
> It's been a few months since i wrote you asking for help with php-timer, well
> finally i have time to send you a new package with all of your points fixed.
> I will be happy if you (or someone else) could take a look at it. Thanks.
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/p/php-timer/php-timer_1.0.2-1.dsc


Let me review it.

1/ debian/README.source
This file talks about dpatch, however, you are using quilt. Please fix
it, or simply remove the file.

>> 6/ Once installed, your package creates:
>> /usr/share/php/PHP/Timer.php
>> /usr/share/php/PHP/Timer/Autoload.php
>> IMHO, it should rather install:
>> /usr/share/php/Timer/Timer.php
>> /usr/share/php/Timer/Timer/Autoload.php
> Done, i change the dir's name in override_dh_install because i don't know (and
> i don't think it's possible) how to represent a new dir in a patch. Let me know
> if that approach is wrong.
> I also add override_dh_auto_install because dh_auto_install
> -O--buildsystem=phppear
> didn't work when i build it on pbuilder. It seems to happen because php-timer
> is a PEAR package from another channel, also i'd like to know what do you think
> about it.

I think you should talk about it with Mathieu Parent, who wrote
pkg-php-tools. I've put him as Cc: to this mail.

>> 7/ Do you know why your package doesn't build in Squeeze? :)
> Ehhm ... it is necessary? I always build it on sid.

It's not mandatory, but it's better if it does, so that you can
eventually write a backport. Never mind, forget it.



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