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Re: RFS: logkeys (fixing RC bugs)

tags 624991 +pending


Am 12.01.2012 10:33, schrieb Helmut Grohne:

> The current unstable package has:
>  * 1 lintian error
>  * 2 lintian warnings
>  * 2 RC bugs (FTBFS and missing dep)
>  * out of date standards version
> The upload above fixes a non-rc bug, it also seems to solve the FTBFS
> without mentioning in the changelog.

FWIW:  It is mentioned in the changelog entry for 0.1.1a-1.  Not sure if
the -2 upload to mentors was build without -v or if mentors just ignored it.

Regarding the other RC bug (#652826):  Fix seems to be trivial.

> I'd say it is very high time to act on this package. Options are:
>  * Upload the version on mentors.
>  * Explain why the mentors version is unsuitable and upload the NMU
>    debdiff attached to #624991 fixing the FTBFS.
>  * File a removal request since noone is willing to sponsor this package
>    at all.
> In any case you can polish your RCBW statistics.

Apparently the maintainer tries it's best (well, could have tagged the
one bug pending), so I see no point in an NMU or a removal.  So to
answer his question in #652826:

> Hey, since you're DD, and I am not, would you be so kind and sponsor the
> upload?

I am and I would be willing.  Could you please provide a package also
fixing that RC bug?

I'll upload it as soon as I could test it, however so far logkeys fails
for me with the following error message:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/logkeys start
Starting logkeys: /usr/bin/logkeys: LC_CTYPE locale must be of UTF-8 type

However, I do have such a locale:
$ locale|grep LC_CTYPE

Best regards,

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