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Re: RFS: proofgeneral

   > Upstream has just changed the license to CC-BY-SA-3, see
   > http://www4.in.tum.de/~wenzelm/cgi-bin/repos.cgi/ProofGeneral/file/be73425fbe77/images/README
   > Therefore the issue is probably not pressing any more for
   > proofgeneral-3.7-4
   Great! Do you have an idea of when a release with the fixed license will
   be done? Meanwhile, I guess a note in debian/README.source would be

For a real release I have no idea. I hope there will be a release
together with Coq 8.4, this would be in the next few month.

My packaging attempt is currently based on prereleases. I just
asked the upstream author for a prerelease, it will hopefully
come out in the next few days. As soon as this happens I move my
new proofgeneral package back to main.

(I will switch to only package real releases with the next real
release of Proof General).



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