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Re: dbconfig-common; repacking source

Am 25.12.2011 03:08, schrieb Paul Wise:

Here is a review of the package you uploaded to mentors.d.n recently:

Why does the source and one binary package name include a version number?

In the typo3 community there it is common to use several websites with
different local directory structures, but with a symlink to the "source"
(which means the core of typo3). Several sites can be used this way with
different versions of typo3. To support this i need to version the packages to enable parallel installations.

I wonder if adding a localconf.d directory and dropping a file in
there is a better way of providing Debian-specific configs.

Hm. What exactly could this look like? I currently have no idea.

I am horrified that PHP exec() appears to take only a string instead
of an array. I suggest you run away screaming. This comment brought to
you by 06-fix-im-command.patch. After a bit more reading I found
pcntl_exec, which seems to do the right thing. Please convince your
upstream to switch to pcntl_exec and friends.

The comments say: "The pcntl_exec() function works exactly like the
standard (unix-style) exec() function.  It differs from the regular PHP
exec() function in that the process calling the pcntl_exec() is
replaced with the process that gets called."
I don't know, if a switch to this method is that simple, as it would
require to fork() before executing.

Have you looked at wwwconfig-common?

Some time ago, yes.

The package unilaterally takes over /cms on any non-typo3 domains also
hosted by the machine. This is bad if some user is using another CMS
at that URL.

The problem here is, that /typo3 is already used by typo3 for its
backend and would result in "/typo3/typo3" to login. There were several
people who were confused by this. But i'm open for suggestions.

Having a default password is a bad idea.

This is standard behaviour of typo3.

There are a metric buttload of embedded code copies still:

Unfortunately none of these projects exist as debian package (or at
least under a name i could find). I do not have the manpower to package
these as own packages, but filed wnpp bugs for them.

 MfG, Christian Welzel

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