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Re: RFS: policyd-weight

werner@aloah-from-hell.de writes:
>> Stable is frozen, we do not change packages there unless there is a very
>> good reason to do so. The bug you are fixing does not seem to qualify as
>> release critical thus we need to deal with the problem as is.
> OK, thanks for your details. I do also think, that this bug is not a release
> critical rather an important bug.

It is possible to fix non-RC bugs in updates to stable (that are deemed
important enough to be fixed).  The maintainer and the (stable) release
managers have to agree with it though.

> In the long run, I want to take over the package as there is currently
> no maintainer for it. As you said, I should check the current package
> in testing if the mentioned bug there does also persist ?

Taking over maintenance is a good idea.  The release managers usually
require bugs to be fixed in testing before approving changes to stable.


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