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Re: Overwriting binary files when building a package

* Thomas Weber <tweber@debian.org> [111211 22:08]:
> my upstream ships documentation in PDF format in the normal sources.
> Upon build, I re-create those files[1]. The newly generated PDF files
> differ from the originally shipped ones. So, I have a problem asserting
> that "debian/rules clean" gives me the same source tree as "dpkg-source
> -x" which seems to ask for trouble

To get dpkg-source happy is easy: Just remove the files in
"debian/rules clean". dpkg-source will then assert those files do not
need representation in the .diff (or in a patch). It will print a little
notice which files were treated that way and otherwise just behave the
way you want it.

> In fact, we already see some issues when using git-buildpackage right
> now.

git-buildpackage might be some other issue. As this seems to be the only
think to give you troubles here, you might want to explicitly ask for
git-buildpackage help. (Your mail read like you have some building
problem, so people knowing git-buildpackage might not have read far
enough.) I don't know how this works with git-buildpackage, with git-dpm
you just git rm those files in the debian branch.

	Bernhard R. Link

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