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Re: RFS: git2cl

On Saturday 03 December 2011 16:52:03 Paul Wise wrote:
> One more thing that I missed, sorry about this :(
> README.html is actually generated from README. Please delete that in
> get-orig-source, build-dep on asciidoc, run asciidoc at build time to
> generate it and (optionally) send upstream a patch to remove it from
> git and build it.

I respect your attention to details. :)

However I'm not too sure if introdicing another build-dependency worth 
regenerating single file merely to get almost the same file (but generated) as 
result. Not to mention the effort to implement rather trivial but nevertheless 
the change.

There is another, serious reason not to do this:
in generated file, asciidoc refresh "Last updated" footnote to current 
timestamp which creates wrong impression regariding when the document was 
changed last time. I think you would agree that saving original last updated 
time, then regenereating the file and patching it again with old time stamp 
would be too much troubles.
Taking out the footer seems rude to both reader and upstream. I very much 
against censorship of upstream README. What if last modification time stamp 
there fo reason? I think it is good when you know the document was updated.

Let's leave upstream upstream README.html alone.

I will forward your recommendation to use asciidoc upstream.

Funny thing: apt-get almost scared me away from installing asciidoc by 
suggesting "Need to get 475 MB of archives." (I'm on 3G! :)
Of course it was due to recommends...

All the best,

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