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Re: Help needed with Conflicts/Replaces/Provides after renaming packages and reordering files


Am 30.11.2011 14:42, schrieb Andreas Tille:
at request of upstream the freediams package should be reordered.  The current
package is in short designet like that:

    freediams: arch any files
    freediams-data: arch all files consisting of
                    1. drug database
                    2. images and other data used by the binary

The new layout should look like this:

    freediams: anything except the drug database
               1. arch any files as before
               2. images and other data used by the binary
    freediams-drugs: drug database

What is the reason to do this? If you already have an extra arch:all package for data, I would move as much architecture-independent files as possible there. Or can the drug database also be used by different programs?


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