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Re: RFS: mobile-broadband-provider-info (updated package)

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 9:06 PM, Joseph R. Justice <jayarejay@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/23/11, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
>> On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 9:55 PM, Bhavani Shankar R wrote:
>>> Regarding watch file I'm a bit skeptical as its a package which has
>>> regular commits upstream and requires frequent updation of the package
>>> in the archives I think personally and using the ftp site for the
>>> tarball location in watch file could lead to confusions with the
>>> versions in the archive. And if the watch file is removed lintian
>>> throws up error. So Antii (marked in CC) can pitch in I guess.
>> This is why I think packaging it at all is possibly a bad idea since
>> people running Debian stable/oldstable will always have old
>> information. It would be better if the software that uses it were to
>> be responsible for downloading it periodically.
> [Kerrect speeling note: Instead of "updation of", I probably would
> have written "updates [of/to]".]

Sorry for the typo. I'll correct my spellings in the future :)

> Wouldn't this combination of factoids [(1) that the package has
> regular commits upstream of important data contained within the
> package, (2) that the package therefore needs to be frequently updated
> to get the new data from upstream incorporated into the package, and
> (3) that these updates need to be made available to people running
> Debian stable and oldstable without requiring those people to install
> a version of this package from testing or unstable] therefore suggest
> that this package is a candidate for debian-volatile (or whatever that
> is called these days)?  I've been subscribing to the applicable Debian
> announcement mailing list (debian-volatile-announce@lists.d.o) for a
> little while now, and I see mention of updates to tzdata and clamav.
> Looking at http://lists.debian.org/debian-volatile-announce/2011/msg00000.html
> , I guess it's now called squeeze-updates, not debian-volatile.
> However, the point still stands: "This suite will contain updates that
> satisfy one of the following criteria: [...] * The package in question
> is a data package and the data must be updated in a timely manner
> (e.g. tzdata)."

I was thinking of uploading regular stable release updates both in
debian and ubuntu. I'll work on this regard coming weekend. Thanks for
all inputs and support.

> As for if there should be a watch file, or what the watch file should
> be if there should be one at all, that I do not know.  (Is there a
> facility / capability yet for watching for changes to a git / bzr / hg
> / svn / cvs / etc archive, and should that facility be used instead
> for this package instead of watching a (relatively) static tarball
> file if the facility is available for use?)

Yes the package does have a git handle:


but there is nothing as such as a static tarball on the site. Need
more clarity on this.

> Thanks for your time.  Hope this is of some use, interest.

Thank you too for your time and interest


Bhavani Shankar
Ubuntu Developer       |  www.ubuntu.com

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