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Re: RFS: jabber-querybot

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 01:57:49PM +0100, Didier Raboud wrote:
> >>- according to debdiff between the version currently in unstable and
> >>this version, you changed the 0.0.4-1 changelog entry; which you
> >>should really not (unless there is a good reason; in which case you
> >>should mention it in the changelog entry for the to-be-uploaded
> >>version)
> IMHO, the check you are doing in the preinst is not sufficient; what
> if Random Joe has set up a symlink named
> "/etc/jabber-querybot/Querymodule.pm" that points to his user
> directory (for whatever reason)? Then with this preinst, you are not
> preserving his changes. So you have to test if the user is both
> "upgrading" (information is in $1) and is doing so from a version
> smaller than (as it's the first version that introduces
> the fix) (information is in $2). Then, to be on the safe side, you
> also have to check that the symlink you want to remove indeed points
> to the place you had setup in the faulty postinst. In that case only
> you can safely remove the symlink.
> If both this and the changelog issue are fixed properly, then I will
> upload. :->

Lesson learned! Thx! I hope you are happy with this:
dget -x http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/j/jabber-querybot/jabber-querybot_0.0.5.1-1.dsc

- d/changelog entry what was changed: Seems to be a handling challange on my
  side between which version is uploaded/queued/in progress. Fixed now.
- d/preinst: Implemented according to your remarks.


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