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Re: RFR: wader, a ModemManager replacement

Hello Didier,

* Didier Raboud <odyx@debian.org>:
> So, let's ask again: ;-)
> 	"What does wader{,-core} do that can't be done in modemmanager?"

A reasonable question.

>From a user's perspective, you get support for devices that MM
does not support:

The user perspective is the one I consider most important in this

>From a developer's perspective, writing a wader-core plugin to
support a new device is *much* simpler than writing a new MM
plugin. Additionally, certain implementation details, such as the
USSD stack in wader-core are more robust than MM equivalents.

>From a software engineering perspective, it's nice to have two
implementations of the same API, because it really helps to
verify the API.

The two projects are quite aware of each other, and I would
prefer not to step in the middle of their politics. I would
simply like to make the additional choice available in debian.

No one likes to see a divided user base and a divided developer
pool; however, this is a problem that I think is outside the
scope of what is reasonable to ask a downstream packager to
solve. ;)

In my ideal world, by making wader-core more easily installable
and accessible via the debian archive, people can study it and
figure out how to make the two upstream projects converge over
time. In the short term, let's get it into the archive first.


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