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Re: Adopt an abandoned ITP?

Mathias Ertl <mati@fsinf.at> writes:

> There is a package I desperately want in Debian and there already is an ITP 
> for it that is almost a year old. There wasn't any activity on it except that 
> the author reverted the automatic ITP -> RFP conversion after 6 monts of 
> inactivity. I did write to the bug-author a few days ago if he still intends 
> to package it but haven't received a response yet. 
> So in general: What is appropriate the procedure in adopting such a bug? I 
> don't want to 'hijack' anything. How long should I wait for a response from 
> the author? Should I file a new bug or change the owner of the old one?

This largely depends on which ITP bug we're talking about, as there
might be good reasons the ITP is still pending. Without more
information, though, no reasonable suggestion can be made, in my


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