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Re: pre ITP maintainer wishes to remain anonymous

On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 03:19:25AM -0500, Paul Elliott wrote:
> Before I filed an ITP the upstream was his own maintainer distributing outside 
> of debian.  His changelog uses his web page instead of his email address.
> Naturally, this results in lintian error maintainer-address-malformed.
> How do I keep the history without changing what the previous maintainer did?

What ITP ? I'd like to see that changelog.

Anyway, before looking at that changelog, there are (at least) in my opinion
two options.  One, ignore or override the lintian error.  And two, start a
new history from scratch.  Which one to choose depends on whether you're
starting the packaging from scratch or you're continuing upstream's packaging


Bart Martens

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