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Re: git-buildpackage, dfsg-clean branches, tarballs and non-distributable files

Le 22/10/11 14:36, Jan-Pascal van Best a écrit :
> My questions are:
> - the debian/rules get-orig-source target is supposed to build the dfsg
> tarball from the canonical upstream source location. That is, NOT from
> my own dfsg branch. Which is a bit weird. How do other people handle
> that situation? git-buildpackage could create the dfsg tarball from a
> tag in the dfsg branch, but this is not exactly the same as the thing
> the get-orig-source target does.

Yes, the idea of the get-orig-source target, as I understand it, is to
enable someone else to replicate what you did do to create the upstream
source tree. Basically, it should fetch the source from upstream (as a
tarball or using git or whatever), then delete the problematic files,
then create a tarball. This target is not used in everyday life, it is
just a way of documenting how the dfsg package relates to upstream.

Regards, Thibaut.

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