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Re: RFS: jabber-querybot

Le vendredi, 14 octobre 2011 11.40:16, Marco Balmer a écrit :
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for a my new debian package:
>  * Package name    : jabber-querybot

Hi Marco, and thanks for this new package, indeed probably useful to have in 
Debian !

Now on for the review:

* the debian/copyright file seems to be aspsms-t's . :-) And you should use 
the "versioned" shortname for the GPL (e.g. GPL-2+, as in 
http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/#AEN462 ). You can drop the name from the 
liense paragraph and then copy-paste it to your various debian/copyright 

* I don't find the long description particularly descriptive as it basically 
tells us "Jabber bot framework for Perl" (does Perl need Jabber bots ?), "from 
swissjabber" (hi there !), "now opensource" (if it's in Debian (main), it's 
freesoftware, so this doesn't add much value), "simple and nice piece of code" 
(that's entirely subjective). Additionally, the short description is read as 
"jabber-querybot is a Modular xmpp/jabber bot". So is jabber-querybot an 
actual bot or a framework to write bots? I think a think-trough and rewrite of 
both descriptions would be good, while keeping [DP§3.4] in mind.

* As jabber-querybot was never in Debian, you should merge the initial 
changelog entries in order to only have one when the package enters NEW. While 
this is mostly a "taste" reason, I think it's pretty much common-practice to 
only have and keep changelog entries for versions that have actually reached 
the Debian archive. If you do upload those packages to other archives, then it 
might make sense to name those differently from "unstable". And make sure to 
remind your sponsoree to use the -v option of dpkg-genchanges in order to have 
the ITP bug referred in the changes file. (So short version of that is: "would 
be good although not necessary if it comes with a nice rationale.")



[DP§3.4] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-binary.html#s-descriptions

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