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Re: Tracking RFSs as bugs


Gergely Nagy <algernon@balabit.hu> writes:
> Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org> writes:
>>  - mentors.d.n automatically closes RFS bugs for uploaded packages or
>>    packages that were removed from there.  It may also automatically
>>    close inactive bugs.
> Apart from closing inactive bugs automatically, I believe this is a good
> idea.
> Some non-trivial packages might take some time to review, especially if
> it turns out there are some issues that need to be solved upstream
> before an upload can happen (ie, packaging is spot-on, and perfect, but
> upstream needs to clarify a license, for example).

That will make the pseudo-package accummulate lots of open bug reports
that never see any attention.  So I think inactive requests need to be
dealt with one way or another, closing them automatically after a longer
term of no activity does seem as easy way to do so (ie. after 4-8 weeks
of no new comments).

For reviews that take a longer time, the sponsor could set himself as
the owner of the bug -- bugs with an owner would then not be closed.
This maybe can also be extended to bugs tagged confirmed.

An other idea I had when discussing this on IRC would be using the
"summary" field of the bug report to link to the current source package
and (optionally) also the page on mentors.d.n for the package.
For this to be easily set automatically, we might however need to add a
new command to debbugs (as the current "summary" command has to refer to
an already existing message).

> Instead of mentors.d.n automatically doing the mail (which would be a
> dumbed-down web interface to the BTS), it would in my opinion, be better
> if it had the appropriate mailto: links instead, and provide a read-only
> interface to the comments only.

Sure, I don't mind either way.


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